Bulk handling

Veenstra bulk handling utilize the latest technological advancements in the industry, providing dust free loading of a wide range of dry materials at loading rates depending on the product up to 1000 m3/h. The high transport costs of today make it necessary to ensure maximum utilization of all bulk carrying tankers, ships and wagons. This in consequence makes it essential that all vehicles, tankers etc. are loaded efficiently and in the fastest possible time to reduce the waiting and loading time. The Veenstra bulk out loading systems are suitable for all applications. Thanks to many years of experience our systems are able to handle any loading situation in to road tankers, open top vehicles, wagons, ships, sheds and containers.

Configuring your loading station

In any production facility the loading station can often be a bottleneck. While production is easily ramped up, loading is often constricted by the sheer tonnage that a loading system can handle. Veenstra Group loading systems are at the top level of loading capacity. Our loading systems are customly tailored to the clients specific needs and specifications of their installation. We pride ourselves in the fact that our sales team are technical experts. They will be able to provide you with custom solutions. If needed we will create an early drawing showing how we would tackle your loading challenges, fitting our products perfectly to your situation.

From silo to bulk vessel

We often encounter loading systems build out of equipment supplied by many different producers, this can lead to a loading system that can not reach full optimilization. One of our advantages is that we can produce all equipment necessary to transport your bulk material from your silo to the loading vessel. With our airslides we can transport your bulk product over a long distances. We produce valves to either shut off the supply or to dose the supply of your product to great precision. Our loading spouts are the end station, they are designed to fill up a bulk vessel (truck/ship/train etc.) with great precision and speed. If that is not even enough we also produce a large range of sollutions for fluidizisation inside your silo, improving output and reducing blockage problems. Contact us for a free consultation and allow us to review your current situation so we can make a proper proposal on how we could optimze your loading station.

Some of our specialities

Loading spouts

Dosing valves


Silo activation

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