Project Description

For the Biological expansion of the wastewater treatment plant (RWZI) in Kampen, ‘Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta‘ has tendered the design and execution for the sludge-buffertank. For the agitator in the sludge-buffertank, the VeenstraGroup is involved in the preparatory process of the agitator, the design, production and the installation works on site.

In the purification of waste water, sludge is released. Until recently, this sludge was fermented at the Kampen sewage treatment plant. For efficiency reasons, the sludge fermentation will no longer be processed in Kampen, the sludge will be temporarily stored in the new sludge-buffertank and will then be processed at the water treatment plant in Zwolle.

In Kampen, the thickened sludge collected in the sludge-buffertank (D=ø10m x H=8m) will be kept homogeneous by a Top Entry-Entry agitator of the Veenstra Group.

The Top-Entry agitator consists of a 15kW geared motor, a double bearing bearing-housing, a divisible agitator shaft, a bottom bearing-structure and a 2-blade pitch blade stirring element with a total diameter of 2.9 m.

The Veenstra Group scope for the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in Kampen was executed in 2018.