Our workshops

The Veenstra Group has 5 workshops all located in the Netherlands. Due to its strategic spread the Veenstra Group is capable of serving the entirity of the Netherlands with speed and easy. For work abroad the group has more then 10 mobile workshops that can be shipped to your plant to perform work on-site. To add to that Delta Controls has two trucks that can be deployed as fully outfitted mobile workshops. Our main group headquarters are located in Coevorden, whilst the headquarters of Delta Controls is located in Emmen.

The Veenstra Group in numbers:

Service cars
Service trucks

Coevorden – Workshop

The Coevorden workshop houses our Veenstra Revisie company. It is located right next to our machine factory and engineering department which are also part of the Veenstra Group, this allows us to quickly produce and repair parts. The Coevorden workshop supports all other workshops as well as service large industrial areas in the middle/eastern and southern part of the Netherlands. Furthermore, the Coevorden workshop is capable of overhauling and repairing extremely large valves and pumps.

The Coevorden workshop has a large fleet of maintenance cars to quickly solve problems on-site. Furthermore the Coevorden workshop supports our other workshops in the production and delivery of parts. The Coevorden workshop has several testing units to test in the workshop but also on location as well as all the possible equipment necessary for overhauling and repairing any kind of valve or pump.

Emmen – Delta Controls workshop

The Delta Controls workshop is our largest workshops regarding valves and actuators. This workshop is specialized in the largest of valves and actuators as well as Fluid Catalytic Cracking valves. Furthermore, this workshop has a cladding department that is capable to weld a new overlay on valves and parts.

The Delta Controls workshop has several mobile workshops that are fully stocked with all the tools and parts needed to perform on-site maintenace at refineries, petrochemical plants and other industrial areas. Furthermore, Delta Controls has two large trucks that are also used as mobile workshops.

Spijkenisse – Workshop

The Spijkenisse workshop is the newest location within the Veenstra Group and within the Netherlands the most modern valve repairshop. With three brand new testing units this workshop is capable to test every kind of valve or safety valve with the latest technology in pressure testing. The testing equipment is fully computerized allowing the Veenstra Group to provide detailed reports from the testing process.

This workshop is located right in the center of the Botlek area and close the the Maasvlakte. Apart from the testing unit the workshop has all necessary equipment to repair and test valves and safety valves, furthermore our service cars are capable to quickly solve problems on-site.

Farmsum – Workshop

Our brand new workshop in Farmsum is located in the middle of the Eemshaven industrial area. The workshop has all the necessary equipment to overhaul and repair valves, actuators, pumps and safety valves. The workshop is strategically located to serve production locations in the upper part of the Netherlands.

Amongst the equipment in this workshop are several test units to test different kind of valves and pumps. Furthermore the workshop has several maintenance vehicles that are well-equipped to quickly solve urgent problems in the field.

Coevorden – Warehouse

Located only one street away from our workshop in Coevorden is our Valves and Parts warehouse. This warehouse has the capacity to store a large quantity of Valves and Parts in ideal conditions. Furthermore every part has a record in a large database to keep track of every single item. This way the Veenstra Group is capable of quickly checking if a part or valve is in our stock allowing us to respond to urgent problems extremely fast.

Our warehouse is well-stocked and the Veenstra Group is often capable to quickly deliver parts or valves that normally have extremely long delivery times.