The Veenstra Group

The Veenstra Group is a group of companies serving a wide variety of markets with their unique products and services. Our machine factory produces a wide variety of machines for industrial industries but with a main focus on mixing equipment and bulk loading equipment. Furthermore, we have several companies with workshops throughout the Netherlands focussing on the repair and maintenance of valves and actuators.

Our group currently employs around 100 employees, we have 4 workshops and 1 warehouse. Our workshops are located in: Coevorden, Emmen, Farmsum and Spijkenisse. The warehouse is located in Coevorden.

Our companies

Veenstra Group is a Dutch Group of medium-sized companies with the common feature of flexibility in their operations:

– Veenstra Coevorden BV
– Veenstra Machinefabriek BV
– Veenstra Services BV
– Veenstra Revisie BV
– Veenstra Onderhoud BV
– Delta Controls BV

Our main disciplines

Silo activation

Bulk Loading

Mixing equipment


Control valves

FCC services

Valve and actuator repair


Offshore maintenance - Valve repair and maintenance on offshore platforms

Pump repair


Valves and parts

Consultancy and training

Latest group news