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Loading spouts

Originally the loading spout was developed as a means of achieving dust free loading. In keeping with our policy of continual research and development we have improved the equipment to give greater capacity, flexibility and efficiency in the filling of bulk vehicles and ships.

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Self financing out loading systems

Frequently the loading device can be engineered to save capital costs in the construction of buildings and ancillary plants. Our cascade spout ensures that fragile materials and products can be out loaded with a minimum of damage. Furthermore, our services are accompanied by our well organized own companies specialized in Industrial Maintenance.

Loading spouts

Through the years Veenstra has specialized in providing custom solutions for client loading and dust problems. Whilst we have a large pool of standard types of loading spouts each spout is customized to your application. However, if none of our standard types is suitable we have in-house capabilities to engineer a complete new loading spout. This separates us from our competitors, we are able to solve complicated loading problems due to a large pool of knowledge and experience.

Our systems are capable of reaching the limit of what is possible in terms of loading speed whilst keeping absolute control over dust forming. If flexibility is needed, we have systems that can position a loading spout using joystick control or by means of automated control systems. If space is limited we developed a range of compact loading spouts that use up the absolute minimum of required space whilst still being able to reach the same effiency as our other loading systems. Concluding, we have a loading spout for almost all possible situations.

We enjoy a challenge, do you have a complicated loading problem? Contact us and talk to one of our bulk specialists!

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The Veenstra Group in numbers

Due to its strategic spread, Veenstra Group is able to serve the whole of the Netherlands quickly and easily. For work abroad, the group has more than 10 mobile workshops that can be shipped to your factory to carry out work on site.

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