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Mixers / Agitators

The Veenstra Group engineers and manufactures a large range of mixers and agitators aimed that can either me fitted directly on your tank. Each agitator is designed specifically for your type of product and tank.

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Mixers and agitator

If you fill in a questionnaire pertaining questions about the medium, viscocity, tank span and width we can help you pick the correct type of mixer / agitator for your process. Our standard types of agitator / mixers suitable for usage in tank / vessel or directly in your process are:


  • Suitable for open or close tanks
  • Clamp construction or flange mounted
  • Maximum mixer shaftlength 2 mtr
  • Maximum motor powerrate 4KW
  • A wide range of mixer elements available
  • Materials wetted parts ss 304/316(L)
  • Shaftsealing lipseal with V-ring from NBR
  • Varidrive,motorreducer,pneumaticmotor
  • EEXellT3 or EExdellCT4, Atex execution
  • Single/double mechanical seal shaftsealing


  • Top-entry heavy-duty
  • Suspending, mixing, etc.
  • Mixer shafts are dismountable
  • Best elements for each application
  • Double bearing construction
  • Electric motor/varidrive/motorreducer
  • Dismountable traction
  • Amounting flange: DIN/ANSI/Square


  • Suitable for mixing, homogenising or suspending
  • Solution if top-entry is not an option
  • For atmospheric, pressurized or vacuum application
  • Suitable for small till large storage tanks
  • Variety in sealing possible
  • 3 or 4 blade-propeller
  • Suitable for fitting to existing manhole vessel
  • Direct, belt or geared drivings in all executions
  • Mounting flange according DIN, ANSI or others
  • Wetted parts: steel ss 304/316(L), duplex or hastelloy

Mixing Elements

  • Wide variety of possibilities
  • Custom made to the clients specifications

Require static mixers or a dissolver ? Please check this page.

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The Veenstra Group in numbers

Due to its strategic spread, Veenstra Group is able to serve the whole of the Netherlands quickly and easily. For work abroad, the group has more than 10 mobile workshops that can be shipped to your factory to carry out work on site.

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