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Airslides and valves

The Veenstra air slides are succesful for transporting solids with a high flow rate and a long distance. It is the most efficient low energy system with a minimum of maintenance.

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Available with more than one inlet and outlet with integraded segment valves. Our airslide systems can reach a capacity of up to 300 tonnes/hour. Veenstra airslide systems are widely applied in petrochemical industries, cement plants, waste plants and more. We have in-house testing capabilities to test if your product can by transported by means of airlides.

Our wide variety of valves are designed to be connected to our airslide systems (automated and hand-operated) to give you the flexibility to stop flow at pre-defined places in your airslide systems.

By sending us your requirement our engineers will draw up a detailed plan on the best way to transport your bulk material over long distances. Our systems are customily engineered to fit perfectly in your already existing process. Contact us for a detailed plan and quotation.


Veenstra produced a wide variety of valves designed to control the flow of bulk material. Wether you need a simple hand operated slidevalve or a high precision dosing valve than Veenstra can supply it. Our valves are customely engineered in order to fit perfectly in your production lines. We offer hand-operated, pneumatically driven or electrically driven valves of high quality ensuring great operating comfort and a long operating lifespan.

Our standard valves are all designed so that they can easily be connected to other Veenstra bulk equipement such as loading spouts and airslides. However, we are able to customly engineer and produced valves that fit perfectly on third-party equipement as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, a quotation or just to share thoughts on how our valves can add flexibility to your current process.

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