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Static mixers / Dissolvers

The Veenstra Group designs and manufactures a wide range of static mixers and dissolvers. These mixers are specifically designed to be used to mix barrels and other vessels that are not large static tanks.

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Static mixers and dissolvers

Furthermore we have a range of static mixers that can be placed in a production line and can be programmed to automatically mix when a barrel/vessel arrives and can clear itself after the barrel/vessel leaves, allowing for mixing different fluids (or in the case of paint/ink colours) every single run.

Static mixers

  • Suitable for open or closed tanks
  • Operate by hand or air-cylinder
  • Material wetted pats ss 304/316(L)
  • Electromotor, variator, motorreductor or airmotor


  • Custom dissolvers for intensive mixing
  • Complete with controlling
  • Motors: IP55, Exe or Exd implementation
  • Operate by hand, air, hydraulic or mechanic
  • Measures and implementation custom-made
  • Suitable for open tanks and all kinds of containers
  • Possibility to move the mixer

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