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Mixing equipment

With over 90 years of unrivalled experience in mixing technology, process knowledge and technological innovation, Veenstra enjoys a well known reputation in mixing for fluid processing systems. Veenstra is a supplier of mixing solutions and equipment to customers World wide.

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Mixing specialist

We have a dedicated website about our mixing equipment and services related to our mixing equipment. Please visit our website for more information.

Veenstra distinguishes it self from competitors with its technical innovations and willingness to work together with its customers. Veenstra employs a large number of experienced engineers with an expertise in mixing technology.

The know-how-experience and flexibility available within the Group, enable the Veenstra Group to act as engineering contractor for the realisation of complex, integral mixing solutions. Our companies in Industrial Maintenance will take care off all our mixers and agitators in the field.

Spare parts and service

Whilst our products have a very long lifespan, proper servicing and timely replacement of certain parts reduce the change of unexpected downtime. By contacting us about your current (or new) Veenstra mixer or agitator we can recommend the needed spare parts. If you want us to do the servicing we have dedicated service engineers that will either to regular maintenance on your mixers on-site or do a full repair at our own workshop.

We can also setup a preventive maintenance programm in which we visit your site regularly to check up on the condition of your mixers to detect upcomming problems early on, allowing us to prevent them from occuring. Contact us for more information.

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We provide agitators for the following industries


Sauces / Food

Chemicals and pharma

Paint and ink

Water treatment

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The Veenstra Group in numbers

Due to its strategic spread, Veenstra Group is able to serve the whole of the Netherlands quickly and easily. For work abroad, the group has more than 10 mobile workshops that can be shipped to your factory to carry out work on site.

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